Training and Assessment Services

OHS Training & Consultancy Services can you provide you with the following training and assessment solutions.

  • Licence to Operate a Boom Type EWP > 11mtrs - TLILIC2005
  • Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck - TLILIC2001
  • RIIHAN301D Operate a Elevating Work Platform
  • EWP Operator Licence ' Yellow Card' ( All EWP Modules )
  • EWPA Gold Card for Telehandler Operations
  • RIIHAN309E Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations
  • Verification of Competency for all types of EWP's
  • Verification of Competency for Forklift Operations
  • EWP Familiarisation ( Make & Model ) Training
Occupational health procedures such as forklift training in Brisbane
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